Group Partners: Benedict Mackenzie, Peter Hall

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Boutique business with “Big 10” credentials

SKS Benedict Group has a proven track record of identifying the needs of businesses and individuals with financial difficulties and offering tailor made solutions. Each case we take on is director-led in order to ensure that our clients always receive the highest level of professional advice, skills and experience.

We provide advice and guidance in relation to debt restructuring, business turnaround, managed exits and formal insolvency processes for limited companies. For individuals and partnerships, we specialise in debt management solutions which range from debt arrangement schemes, individual voluntary arrangements, trust deeds and bankruptcy to informal non-statutory solutions. We also act for creditors (such as the Crown, companies or individuals) to recover outstanding debts.

We are a trusted advisor and work in partnership with accountants, lawyers, independent financial advisors and insolvency practitioners across the UK.

In these unprecedented times the order of the day tends to be that the only certainty is uncertainty. However, at the SKS Benedict Group we face challenges head-on focusing on solutions rather than problems. Our “New Realities Require New Thinking” initiative highlights how we stand out from the crowd during these challenging times.

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We understand that facing up to financial challenges can be an extremely difficult and stressful time. However, there are options available and, with the right advice and support, you can take the necessary steps to improve your situation. To arrange a free, no-obligation, options review, click below.

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Our Leadership Team

Carrie James, Director at Benedict Mackenzie, is now President of the Insolvency Practitioners Association. IPA, a solely involved membership body recognised for the purposes of authorising (licensing) insolvency practitioners (IPs). She was invited by the Russian International Legal Forum to take part in their 3rd Annual International Insolvency Forum.

Peter Hall has operated on the South Coast as an Insolvency Practitioner since 1984.  He has acted as supervisor of a successful voluntary arrangement for Bournemouth Football Club, and more recently has saved an engineering business in Basingstoke with 55 employees and been involved with Norman Court School where the education of some 200 pupils was in danger as well as that of 100 employees.

Maureen Leslie has been working in business recovery and insolvency for 30 years. For the past 15 years, she has been a Director at mlm.  Her experience as a business owner has given her considerable insight into the issues faced by individuals running their own businesses.